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This page contains a heap of great guitar links as well as a lot of links to web sites about some great bands (if you look down further). Enjoy!

Guitar Links for Shredders.

Guitar - The Magazine:
Gibson Guitars: Makers of the world's best guitars.
Fender: Another one of the world's great guitar makers.
Yamaha guitars: Maker of my pride and joy electric/acoustic
Ibanez guitars: Maker of my electric (a little less proud)
Peavey: Makers of great amps (mine included)
Crate amplifiers: Another good amp company
D'addario: Guitar strings
Dean Markley: Another string company
The Music Zone:
Musicians Friend:
Ducks Deluxe:
The Broken G-string:
Guitar Base:
Guitar Notes:

Other Great Music Links

The Ultimate Band List:
Live Home Page:
Experience Hendrix: The Official Jimi Hendrix Website
Are You Experienced?: Hendrix Web Site
Fly On: The Jimi Hendrix Web Monument
Jimi Hendrix Server: Great Aussie Hendrix Site
Tribute to Hendrix:
Digital Voodoo: The Jimi Hendrix Experience
The Dead Heart: Midnight Oil web site
Official Midnight Oil Home Page:
Blue Sky Mine:
Aussie Oils Homepage:
Oil Base:
Midnight Oil (
Steve's Beatles Page:
Beatles shrine:
Beatles Lyrics:
The Beatles:
Magical Beatles Tour:

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